“Man the machine--man the impersonal engine. Whatsoever a man is, is due to his MAKE, and to the INFLUENCES brought to bear upon it by his heredities, his habitat, his associations. He is moved, directed, COMMANDED, by EXTERIOR influences--SOLELY. He ORIGINATES nothing, not even a thought”. –Mark Twain

Being raised always on the move, or at least on the move for every three years, has thrown me into numerous situations where I was forced to adapt. The experiences from living and visiting overseas has brought much diversity into this sponge of a brain.
Spanning from Korea to San Diego, the Philippines to Cape Cod, MA, the constant change has helped mold me, change me, and re-mold me again. This repetitive inconsistency has helped shape a thought process that isn’t habitual, but instead, has become a product that takes snapshots of memories. I’m never sure why some images stay, and some disappear…all I know is that this unmethodical, unsystematically randomness is what urges me to create.
I want my work to just “be.” I don’t want to insult your intelligence and force feed you something, whether it be a political, religious, social injustice or environmental statement. Although not a main focus, sometimes these issues will whisper in the work, but never yell. This work is a product of arbitrary yet prominent images that are recreated in an honest and physical form. These thoughts, memories, stories, feelings, objects all morph into a one time event. I’m not quite sure how I filter these thoughts out, but I am sure that, no matter what they are, I know that they will collage together into a compatible and unified narrative.
At times there’s a place where you don’t think…you just do. I want to delve further into this method and process. A pure form of decoration by letting the material, not necessarily dictate, but rather become a catalyst towards a final product, is what I’ve been striving for. To let instinct take over and try to pinpoint an answer as to “why” there is a balance and attractiveness to a piece is my ultimate goal.